How Much Does Infusionsoft REALLY Cost?

So you’re thinking about trying out Infusionsoft?

You can view the full pricing information here.

As for this post, I wanted to point out a few things that might fly under the radar when you view the standard marketing pages over at Infusionsoft. If you’re interested in reading a more in-depth look of the software itself, check out my Infusionsoft review page.

At a glance, here are the price points for each package:

Essentials: $199/mo

Deluxe Sales/E-Commerce: $299/mo

Complete: $379

Infusionsoft price

Does that seem high to you?

Probably not, if you’ve ever sized up some of the comparable enterprise solutions out there. I’m talking about HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot just to name a few. You can expect to see $2,000-$3,000/mo price points from those vendors.

Basic Tiered Price Structure

With the exception of E-commerce functionality, Infusionsoft is built on a tiered system that lets users scale their solution as they grow. In other words, you only pay more when you are succeeding. There are three dimensions that factor into the price in this respect:

  1. Contacts: the total amount of customers and prospects you have in your database
  2. Emails/mo: The amount of emails that can be sent each month through the Infusionsoft platform
  3. Users: the amount of team members you can have using Infusionsoft with their own login

infusionsoft cost

Other Costs of Infusionsoft

Be advised, the “sticker” price that you see above is not the true cost of Infusionsoft. In addition to the monthly base price, here are a few other items to consider in the total cost:

Kickstart Services: $1,499(one time fee)

Infusionsoft’s “Kickstart” services are like a bootcamp for newbies to marketing automation.  Although this is an optional service, it is highly recommended if you have little experience with things like lead nurturing, setting up landing pages, or managing a CRM.

This is a one-time fee and it does not include any of the monthly service fees that are described above.

Extra upgrades (price varies)

The base packages of Infusionsoft can be upgraded to include additional features, including:

  • Demand card follow ups
  • Text messaging
  • Charted reports
  • More detailed analytics

The basic software will work fine out of the box, but how much Infusionsoft costs will ultimately depend on how many upgrades you need for your sales and marketing plan.

The fact that these upgrades can be added a la carte is nice, in my opinion. It prevents the software from getting too bloated. This way, you can custom fit a solution to your needs and industry and only add functionality if it has a real impact on revenue.

The Marketplace

Infusionsoft has played nice with developers who want to extend the functionality of the platform. Many of the upgrades can be found in what’s appropriately called, “The Marketplace”. Although the cost of Infusionsoft could easily inflate the more users choose from the marketplace, this provides a constant source of innovation, sourced from a wide range of bright developers.


Josh Sturgeon is the editor of TrenchWorthy and founder of the content marketing platform Ripenn. His work has appeared in Entrepreneur, Wired, and SocialMediaToday. He loves startups, surfing and meeting creative people who reject the status quo.
  • Jayden Lawson

    At 26 Feb 2018, this page is outdated and does not reflect any of the Infusionsoft pricing.